Why Can’t I Get a Job… Part 4

With graduation quickly approaching, the Portfolio Center hears a lot of the same questions and challenges from students. Twice a week, we will feature another FAQ, with pointers from our staff. 

Q: There are just no jobs out there for me! I went to school to do X, and now it looks like my four years here were a complete waste. Is that true?

A: Remember, the real world is not sorted by major. Just because you received a degree in something doesn’t mean that there will be a specifically designed occupation that will entail all (or even most) of the things you learned in class while a student. Take a moment to think about not what your job should be, but what jobs contain responsibilities and an environment that would be a good fit for your skills, experiences, and personality. Also, think about what you liked about your major beyond the actual content of what you studied. Did you enjoy creating? Communicating with others? The responsibility to come up with fresh ideas by a deadline? Once you’re able to recognize what you truly enjoy, your options for new careers will open further, and you might find positions or organizations who you never would have considered would interest you.

Stay tuned for more tips next Monday!

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