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Why Can’t I Get a Job… Part 5

With the job search looming, the Portfolio Center hears a lot of the same questions and challenges from students. Each week, we will feature another FAQ, with pointers from our staff. 

Q: I know what I want, my resume looks great, I have relevant experiences, I’m finding opportunities, but no matter what I try I’m not having any luck. I have no idea what to do, help!

If all of what you said is actually true, then feel confident that you’ll be able to find a good fit in a matter of time. Consider broadening your approach to how you apply, a good breakdown of job-search strategies can be seen at the bottom of the page here. While we often consider online applications to be the only way to get a job, there are other avenues to explore while maintaining the volume of applications you submit online. The cliché of looking for a full-time job being a full-time job often rings true, so create something like a “work schedule” for informational interviews, networking events, and company research to ensure that you’re taking a well-rounded approach to finding the job you want and need.

As a recent college grad, there is bound to be some frustration as you move further down your career path. Rejection is inevitable, but that’s ok! Every cover letter you write, interview you go on, and networking event you attend is a learning experience, and if you stay in a positive mindset, failure is impossible! Keep in mind, every ‘no’ is one step closer to ‘yes’, and once your hard work has paid off, the journey will have just begun! Good luck out there, and remember that nobody succeeds alone. Keep yourself open to the input and assistance of others, and be willing to help guide newbies once your turn comes.

To keep up the momentum you’ve undoubtedly built during your Senior year at Columbia, consider attending our end-of-the-year LaunchPad workshop series, June 11 at the Portfolio Center! Receive tips and tricks on how to design your business card, negotiate freelance prices, and even more on your job search, resume, and more!

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